Gymnastics/Tumbling/Team Instructor

Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Quote:
“Never let your fear decide your future!”
Hobbies: Swimming and Cooking!
Education: She currently attends Countryside High School and will be graduating in 2019.
Experience: She did competitive gymnastics for 7 years, competing up to level 7.
Future Flipz Anniversary: July 2017
3 Fun Facts: She has never broken a bone, she did dance until she was 6 years old, and she has 2 dogs!

Gymnastics/Tumbling/Team Instructor

Hometown: Red Bank, NJ
Favorite Color: Black, Green, and Blue
Favorite Quote: “Not all who wonder are lost!”
Hobbies: Drawing!
Education: She graduated from Red Bank Regional High School in 2012.
Experience: She started competitive gymnastics when she was 8, and was a gymnast for 8 years. She competed up to level 8 at Shrewsbury Gymnastics in New Jersey.
Future Flipz Anniversary: August 2013
3 Fun Facts: She is double jointed, she went to nursing school in New Jersey, and she wants to go sky diving!